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When it comes to retirement or care facilities, renovations can be a challenge. However, with A-1 Bracket Group, Inc. it can be easy. Our skillful team has worked on several retirement or care facilities where the planning process requires more consideration due to ensuring privacy and being the most space efficient as possible to make sure your residents are comfortable.

By taking extra time during the planning process, you can rest assured knowing the final results will provide the most privacy to help uphold your HIPAA requirements and the most space so your residents feel more comfortable, along with stunning renovations and additions to make it truly feel like home.

We offer the following services:

  • Adding New Features to Multiple Units
  • Chimneys & Fireplaces
  • Retaining Walls
  • Steps – Patios
  • Brick – Block Work
  • Thin Brick
  • Brick Pointing
  • Caulking
  • Stone Work – Natural & Cultured Stone
  • Stucco Work – Hard Coat Stucco & Styrofoam Base Stucco

To learn more about the A-1 Bracket Group, Inc. difference contact us today, we would love to offer some insight on potential renovations or additions for your retirement or care facility.

This is our first time renovating our retirement facility, primarily for seniors. What are some things we should consider as we start looking for contractors?

First off, congratulations on renovating your current retirement facility! By making modifications to your facility, your residents will be happy to see you taking the initiative to invest in making their stay more comfortable. Plus, it may allow some opportunity to increase services and pricing.

However, let’s get to your question—there’s a few things to really think about in an environment like this and the best way to entertain any potential changes is to have a HIPAA mindset: provide privacy, safety and dignity.

So, what exactly does that mean?

All it means is that when we do your potential walkthrough and evaluation of your current building and its areas of concerns, we need to make sure any planned work will not disrupt your residents and their rights. Generally, masonry touches enhance a retirement or care facility’s appearance and will not interfere with your property codes or requirements at all.

If you have any other additional questions or would like to learn more about what we see a lot during these retirement and care facility projects, give us a call or contact us today!

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